Submitting a translation certified by a sworn translator is necessary in the case of all letters and documents presented in courts and offices e.g. birth/marriage/death certificates, school diplomas and certificates, notarial deeds, letters of attorney, contracts, companies’ articles of association and their amendments, in the cases of tender documentation, etc.

All the documents originally drawn up in a foreign language, submitted in any Polish office must for their validity be translated by a sworn translator. The principles applied by sworn translators arise out of the existing statutory regulations. In such a translation not only the text but all the seals, stamps, notes in the margin and references are translated as well.

Each page of the translation is stamped and signed by the translator. And each such translation contains the translator’s annotation with the date and repertory number. THE CALCULATION PAGE CONTAINS 1125 CHARACTERS, SPACES INCLUDED.

A text to be translated by a sworn translator must be submitted in the original, otherwise, the translator is obliged to make a note referring to the translation being made from a copy. Sworn translations are always on paper which means that if not collected by the Client in person they must be delivered by courier or registered post.

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